– Confirm you American Express Card Now Details – Yes, the link in the title is the official website of American Express. If you are facing difficulties confirming your American Express card, go nowhere, the website will help you in and out.
Here is a direct link to the section of the website that will confirm your Amex card:

There is more to this article than just a card confirmation link!

It shouldn’t be unknown to you that your American Express card can also be confirmed through your cell phone. If you wish to confirm American Express card through mobile phone click here:

You can also find a detailed guide including steps to confirm your American Express card on their official website i.e

The guide encompasses some very significant information on These include.

  • Activation of your American Express Card.
  • Online confirmation of your American Express card.
  • Phone confirmation of your American Express card.

Let’s throw some light on each one of the above mentioned topics and explore them step by step.

Online activation of your Americanexpress com confirmcard

Follow the steps mentioned below to complete your American Express card configuration online.

  1. Start with visiting American Express’s official website. american is the official website, any other website apart from the mentioned can be a fake.
  2. Following, on the page you’ll find a credit card design. In the blanks on the card fill in your card details.
  3. Put down all the details and “confirm”. Post confirmation, you’ll be asked to login to your American Express account.

If you already have an account with American Express just log in with your username and password. For people who are not ready with their username and password, you’ll need to refer to the  account creation process. Once your account is setup, your card will be confirmed.

Phone confirmation of your American Express card.

To confirm your card by calling the American Express hotline number, here is the number for your immediate reference.
This can be the next best option after online confirmation.
Here are the steps to follow for phone confirmation of your American Express Card:

  1. Start will calling up the hotline number provided above. A customer care executive will answer your Call after a few steps.
  2. You’ll be asked about the details of your card. Provide them the details (these may include your card number, cvv or other relevant details) and inform them that you want to activate phone service on your card.
  3. Once your card is confirmed and verified, phone banking will automatically start on your card.

FAQs – americanexpress com confirmcard

Below are some frequently asked questions by you on American Express card confirmation.

  1. Question: Why should I confirm my card?
    Answer: You must confirm your American Express card for it can only be managed either online or through phone.  Additionally, all your queries can be solved post confirmation only.
  2. Question: Is confirming online through americanexpress com confirm card the only way to confirm my card?
    Answer: No, apart from online confirmation you can also call their toll free number for instant confirmation.
  3. Question: Is the online AMEX card confirming simple?
    Answer: Yes, the above step by step guide is easy to follow and it takes not more than few minutes to confirm your card. Both online and phone confirmations are easy to follow.
  4. Question: There are errors on the website. What should I do?
    Answer: Due to some technical difficulties the website can show errors. The best thing to do in these situations is to refresh the browser or come back after some time. It can also be that you are not on the official page of American Express. So make sure the website you are on is https://american
  5. Question: How do I contact AMEX customer support?
    Answer: Use the hotline number to contact the official American Express support service.
  6. Question: Can’t find my issue listed here.
    Answer: Contact the customer care of American Express using their toll free number.

Customer service – American Express

The toll free number comes in handy when facing issues with website or confirmation of your card. The number is available 365 days of the year. The AMEX customer service can also help you with any technical issues you face during logging into your account.

Below are the major toll free numbers of AMEX americanexpress-comconfirmcard:

1‑800‑954‑0559 (US)
1‑801-449-4019 (Outside US)

Apart from calling, there is live chat on the official website of AMEX. You can simply log in and have a chat with their customer service executive.

About American Express

American express which is also called AMEX is an American finance and banking company that has its headquarters based in New York (2000 Vesey Street). The company started its services in  early 1850.

More About American Express

American Express is considered to be one of the top ranking financial and banking institute in the world. It is primarily known for its credit card services that started with the United States of America and continued to expand in other countries. It specializes in providing travel, leisure, shopping and other forms of credit card services along with helping users get the best of their cards.
To know more about the best credit card by American Express click on the link here: card site.

One of the best credit cards by American Express is Blue Cash Preferred® Card. The card has specific features that allow users to receive cash back on retail purchases that includes grocery and lifestyle shopping.

How does the card help users?

  • The card awards customers with points for casual retail purchases.
  • Has excellent welcome offers with number of initial offers.
  • Helps increase their overall credit score.

Another top chosen credit card is Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card by American Express.

The card provides excellent service for travellers. Mainly for delta flyers. Its features includes first bag priority on boarding and up to  20% discounts on flight tickets.
How does the card help users?

  • Individuals who fly frequently, can gain a lot of benefits.
  • Awards with welcome offers.
  • Assists with wave off of yearly fees.

A good example for credit card that rewards its customers for leisure and hotel stay is Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card. It rewards mainly for SPG and Marriott hotel stays. It’s point system goes upto 6 per dollar spent.
How does the card help users?

  • Rewards on daily stay at Marriott hotels.
  • Good welcome offers.
  • Cash to reward system is profitable.

For individuals who are looking for a business card that helps them in various ways then SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card would be the perfect option for them.
How does the card help users?

  • Good system for businessmen looking to get rewards or bonus.
  • People who want to wave off their annual slab.

Apart from the above mentioned there are several other credit card options found on AMEX official American Express website. So, if you are an American Express card holder already just follow the above steps to confirm your card and enjoy the benefits. You can also reach out to the customer care of AMEX if you face any difficulties confirming your card.